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The Engine of the
Autonomous Agent Economy

A powerful upgrade with the potential to drive massive growth and opportunity
for the Olas community and other protocols.

For OLAS holdersFor protocols, devs and agent operators
The Agents Are Coming

Powered by PoAA

Olas Staking is built on a novel economic primitive which blends Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work.

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Proof-of-Active-Agent (PoAA) is pronounced "power" /ˈpaʊ.ɚ/

What it means for OLAS holders

Unleashing Potential

Stake your OLAS

Staking can enable OLAS holders to stake their tokens, unlocking new potential avenues for reward.

Interested in building this functionality? Let the community know in Discord.

Ecosystem Growth

This novel staking design marks a pivotal moment for Olas and has the potential to catalyze rapid and substantial ecosystem growth.

Deep Adoption

Protocols can find immense value in the staking mechanisms of Olas, likely leading to more demand for OLAS tokens.

What this means for protocols,
devs and agent operators

An Explosion of Opportunity

  • Chains and Protocols

    Scalable growth and utility for your token.

  • Agent Operators

    Lots of staking and incentive opportunities.

  • Developers

    Understand what code to work on and earn rewards more sustainably.

Daily Active Users, on demand

Staking can provide a rich set of opportunities to boost your chain, protocol or app activity.

  • Incentivize agent activity to boost your chain, protocol or app activity.
  • Attract developers and agent operators.
  • Bring utility to your own token.

Launch an agent economy on top of your protocol.

How it works

Not your ordinary
staking mechanism

Staking gives Olas unprecedented control to launch,
sustain and benefit from entire autonomous agent economies.

Olas Predict


  • How do the pieces fit together?

    For full technical detail, check the whitepaper.

  • Where will these emissions come from?

    They come directly from the Olas protocol. Currently, emissions are channeled to bonding and developers. It will be proposed that staking opens up 2 more emission channels, the first towards staking contracts, and another towards the treasury. This aims to give the DAO the opportunity to manage how much OLAS is emitted into the market.

Coming soon*

*Subject to governance approval